Come join us for 1-hour Hula Dance Lesson!

Beginners friendly lesson with easy introduction in basic steps and hand movements.

Our professional hula dancer will be your instructor for this lesson.

Fun & Easy going atmosphere. Feel the breeze...and Enjoy HULA!


Lesson Info & Calendar


How does it work?

Now you are ready!

Let's start by learning some Fun and easy hula steps instructed by professional hula dancer.

Let's express nature around us in Hawaiian way in hula handmovements. Ocean, rain, flower, wind, and 'aloha' are beautiffully expressed.

Try dancing steps and handmovements altogether!

By the end of the lesson,

you will be able to dance Hawaiian song that you can enjoy dancing along with your travel and even when you go back home!

Now you are a hula dancer!



$40/per person

Next you will meet with one of our instructor

Choose your hula skirt and 'lei' garland

for your Hula outfit.


Please free to take a walk inside the garden.

There are many kinds of tropical fruits

such as mango, papaya, banana, orange, guava,etc.

There are flowers such as orchids, ginger, heliconia, bougainvillea, and so on.

Welcome to our location.

This is a Bed & Breakfast located in the center of Hilo

with beautiful garden

All the classes are held outside space with a roof. 

Please park your car in the open space in front of the house and come inside the garden. 

there might be previouse class going on so please wait few moment till the class finishes

Our instructor will assist you to prepare for the lesson.


     10am ~ 11am  

     3pm ~ 4pm

Age 5 or older

Price: $ 40 per person

This Includes – Rental Hawaiian Skirt and ‘lei’ garland, bottled water, parking fee

Open 7 days a week

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